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Fall of Eiucifer, 



8n a Utttev to a Jfrieirti. 

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Printed for the Author, by J. SHERRING, 42, Castle-Street, Bristol. 

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BRISTOL, July, 1836, Year lit It. 
To Mr. William Sick, of Glasgow. 

Dear Brother, 

I received your very kind letter, dated June 20, which 
would have been answered sooner, but for the multiplicity of busi- 
ness, and being ill, I find it impossible to do what I could wish, but 
am happy to say I feel much recovered as to bodily health, though 
still experiencing the effects of the paralytic attack, which I appre- 
hend will ever remain, so that I can only dictate my letters, and am 
thankful for that, though attended with expence. 1 thank you for 
what yon sent me, 1 mean the check on the post-office ; it was all 

Now I am going to send you something alarming, — so alarming, 
that all the pious people will run away when they hear it; at least 
they will be much startled. You say in yonr's, that you are asto- 
nished how error can take the lead Oi* truth ; it is a mystery to you, 
you say. 

Well, it shall not be so long, for in the revelation of the truth error 
must take the lead, Satan must go before, and pave the way for 
Christ, for without evil good could not exist, — -the experience of one 
is as necessary as the experience of the other. Now read the fol- 
lowing Scripture, " And that he might reconcile both in one br 
by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby, and came and preacaed 
peace to you that were afar off, and to them that were nigh." — 8 ^ 
Ephes. 2nd Chap* J6 and 17 verses. But read particularly from the 
10th verse to the end. Now you know there was always an enmity 
between the Lord and Satan, (at least it appears so from the Lord's 

words,) for he always spoke against Satan, Satan was always too 
rough a stone to put in the Lord's building, so that all the builders 
spake against him and rejected him, and cast him out. But will it 
not be wonderful if we now prove that the same rejected stone is be- 
come the head of the corner! Oh ! some will exclaim, (starting like 
the frightened horse, their piety being shocked,) oh ! it is Christ that 
is meant there, — he is the corner stone. Oh 1 yes, for certain, you 
know all about it ; to you we will come for instruction about Christ. 
Satan is a bad character in your view, it would shock your modesty to 
have any thing to do with him, and because God has spoken against 
him, that you too must rail, in order to prove yourselves good; upon 
my woid, you are very unlike Michael, who, w r hen contending with 
the devil, disputing about the body of Moses, durst not bring against 
him a railing accusation. No, (for a good reason, which I will tell 
you by and by,) but said, «' The Lord rebuke thee." But' you and 
other very pious persons have such an implacable enmity against Satan, 
that you speak evil of those things ye know 7 not. But come, let us 
see if the sword of the Spirit will be sharp enough to slay the enmi- 
ty ; I think it will, for it has two edges, one to cut down the powers 
of darkness, and the other to establish the truth. " Two swords are 
enough," the Lord said; yes, yes, they will do the business. 

Now, I ask you, do you know who the devil is ? No, nor do I 
wish, some will answer, for all bad works are attributed to him, they 
not knowing his real character, as that God and him were to become 
friends in the latter day, and that both would be reconciled in one 
body by the cross, and that the enmity which was in your mind against 
the devil should be slain and pass away. Now the devil is God's 
eldest son, his first bom, of whom mention is made in the Scriptures, 
thus, (now don't be frightened at the disclosure,) " Ephraim, my 
dear son, a pleasant child, for since I spake against him I do earnestly 
remember him still." Now you know the Lord always spake against 
Satan. " Therefore my bowels are troubled for him." Ah ! because 
of the sufferings he had now to endure, for it was he that was the 
author of sin, and it is he must atone for it. " I will surely have mercy 
upon him, saith the Lord," but I must punish him to bring him to 
obedience; he must bear the sins of all upon him, for it is just that 
the author of sin should bear the punishment due to it, and I cannot 
be reconciled'to him, nor he to me, 'till he pays the debt due to my 
justice, but '* Oh ! Ephraim, how shall I give thee up" to the de- 
stroying sword ? for I must speak against him, and my words will be 
like swords in him, for he was with me in Heaven as a dear son, but he 
got too familiar with me, and pride ruined him, and made him a goat ; 
I must cast him down, and must condemn him, but my bowels yearn 
for him, and I will surely have mercy upon him, saith the Lord. How 
art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, the morning sun, my first 
born, my first created, the womb of the morning ! Now behold him 
bearing his cross. See Levit. 16 chap. **■ And Aaron shall lay both 
his hands upon the head of the live goat,, and confess over him all the 
iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions, in all 
their sins putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him- 

©way by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness. And the goat 
shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited, and 
he shall let go the goat in the wilderness. And Aaron shall come into 
the tabernacle of the congregation, and shall put off the linen gar- 
ments he put on when he went into the holy (not place), and shall 
leave them there. And he shall wash his flesh with water in the holy, 
and put on his garment, and come forth and offer his burnt offering, and 
the burnt offering of the people, and make an atonement for himself, 
and for the people. " — Read the rest of the chapter. 

Now here you see the devil in the goat offered up as a sacrifice for 
sin, and .surely this was just, for he was the author of sin, and it is he 
that must pay the debt. How then can the commentators say that it 
is Christ .that made an atonement for sin ? But they are obliged to 
tell us that the goat is an emblem of the wicked, and the sheep is an 
emblem of the righteous, as jt is written, " I will set the sheep on the 
right hand, and the goats on the left. ,? More need not besaid to prove 
the point. It was the idevil then that suffered for sin, that made an 
at-one-ment, that paid the debt .that was due. What had Christ to 
do with making an at-one-ment ? ,God and him were never at variance, 
for u ELe did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth;" then 
what had he to do with making an atonement, or, more correctly, an 
at-one-ment ? Were they ever two, I want to know r , or when was the 
difference between them ? Never. But Satan was an adversary, 
and there was an enmity between God and him; there was a middle 
wall of partition between them, which all the preachers of the Gos- 
pel, so called, could never throw down, nor show how it was to ba 
done. Then to what end was their preaching? as by it we could 
never see to the end of that which was to be abolished, but now we see 
the end, Satan, the goat, bearing his cross, and bearing away the ini- 
quities, " Into a land not inhabited, into the wilderness^ a land of 
deserts and of pits, a land of draught and of the shadow of death, 
to a land that 110 man passed through, and where no man dwelt/' Jere- 
miah, 2nd chap.. 6 verse. A strange country, indeed, where never 
had been imprinted the foot of man. I think it must have been the 
Land of Nod, where ran the river of Oblivion, where all things are 
forgotten, — it was damnation, — it was hell, where prosperity was for- 
gotten for ever, where the door of mercy was closed, to be opened no 
more for ever, where God appeared as an enemy, where the wrath of 
'God drank up the spirit of the fugitive, where despair shut out hope 
continually. This was the Tophet that was ordained of old for the 
king alone, that is, King Satan; it was now made deep and large, the 
pile thereof was fire, and much wood ; the breath of the Lord, like a 
stream of brimstone, kindled it. Thus was the goat led away into 
the wilderness ; he was lost, the rejected of God, of angels, and of 
men, as it is written, " None is lost but the son of perdition, that 
the Scriptures might be fulfilled." 

N. B. He was led into the wilderness by a man of opportunity, by 
the hand of a fit man, that is, by that portion or degree of the wisdom 
of God, that was needful to be made use of, for this opportunity, 
.which was to hold the sufferer in blindness, that he should not see, 


but that he should imagine that God had entirely forsaken him. He 
gave him a miscarrying womb, and dry breasts, — see Isa. 6th chapter, 
Oth and following verses. " And he said, go and tell this people, 
Jiear ye indeed, but understand not, and see ye indeed, but perceive 
uot. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, 
and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their 
ears, and understand with their hearts, and be converted, and be 
healed. Then said I, Lord, how long? and he answered, 'till the ci- 
ties be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and 
the land be utterly desolate, and the Lord have removed men far 
away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land. But 
yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten as a 
teil-tree, and as an oak whose substance is in them, when they cast 
their leaves, so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof." 

Now here was Pharoah, whose heart the Lord hardened, but the 
people not knowing' who Pharoah was, found fault with God for 
hardening his heart ; but Satan was a man of sin. God did not punish 
Pharoah as a tyrant would punish an innocent man, but he was obliged 
to punish him and abase him, that thereby he might be reclaimed, and 
converted, and then become the Lord Jesus Christ, lie was cursed 
above every living" creature, and now 7 his blessing exceeds every man, 
because he humbled himself, therefore he is now exalted to the pos- 
session and enjoyment of more than he had before, for at first he was 
the chief angel in Heaven, which the preachers cannot deny, but now 
having humbled himself, he is become the Son of the Right Hand; 
now the younger son, the second child, the first exalted, so the last is 
first, and the first is last, the beginning and the end, so the holy seed 
is the substance thereof. u \ will surely have mercy upon him, saith 
the Lord," What ! do you think the Lord would have no mercy on 
his eldest son ? Did you imagine he would crush him for ever ? who 
was once with God in Heaven, a glorious angel, and enjoying all the 
happiness of a beloved child ; but he sold his birthright, and had to 
go down to the valley of humiliation, as w r e have been describing. 
Yes, be assured that God can find a way that his banished might not 
be expelled from him ; although in his humiliation he became like 
water that is spilled on the ground, that could never be gathered up 
sigain, yet Infinite Wisdom found out a way for his recovery. 

So after all it was Christ that suffered, he suffered in his flesh, 
(Satan) and ceased from sin ; for Satan is Christ's flesh, so that he 
that was the Devil, being restored at last, after suffering and enduring 
his curse, is made both Lord and Christ. '* Wonder O Heavens, 
and be astonished O Earth, for this is the Lord's doings, and it is 
marvellous in our eyes'," for Messiah has two natures, by one he is 
the Devil, and guilty of blasphemy against God, and his other 
nature is Christ when purified, made white and tried. The evil 
nature is represented by the goat in the text, and the purified human 
nature niade divine, is represented by Aaron ; for in the 24th verse 
of the 16th Chap. Livit. you see Aaron making atonement for him- 
self and for the people, shewing', that as Adxon was a type of Christ, 
Christ is a human iWihg made diviu'e, and needed an atonement; afs 

well as the people, that is, that he needed to use means for his own 
reconcilement to God, as well as for the people. Perfectly agreeable 
to this is the 7th chap. Heb. 27th v. where it is said that Christ 
offered up sacrifice for himself, (for his own sins,) and for the sins of 
the people ; this he did once when he offered up himself. Now it is 
very clear how Satan and the Lord are reconciled in one body by the 
cross, and the enmity slain, and the middle wall of partition broken 
down ; where is now the enmity that was between the Lord and 
Satan ? Verily it is no more, nor have you any enmity now, you 
have done with railing against Satan now, your tongues are silent, 
you bring no railing accusation against him, you see that the Lord 
has rebuked him, and you too* have cursed him, and he has borne the 
curse that you have laid upon him, for all the followers of J. S. 
signed against Satan, but it was hid from them who Satan was, or 
they never would have laid their curse upon him had they known 
that when he endured the curse, he was to be the Son of God, Jesus 
Christ the Righteous, for the righteous man is not a man that did no 
iniquity, but is the man that does iniquity, and then makes a recon- 
ciliation for it ; he is the righteous man, he is the just and holy man, 
he is righteous, because he did right, he is just, because he gave to the 
law its just demands, that is, his own life, and he is holy, because he 
is risen again into holy life, and made a Priest for ever, after the 
order of Melchisedec. Such is Jesus, who was blinded by sin, who 
was God's blind servant, of whom it is written " Who is blind but 
my servant, or deaf as my messenger that I send, who is blind as 
him that is perfect, or who is blind as the Lord's Servant, seeing 
many things but thou observes! not, opening the ears but he heareth 
not," that is, that he is designed of God to open men's ears to the 
truth, but he is at first blind that he could not see, and so deaf that 
he could not hear ; the blind spirit leads the blind servant, and both 
fell into the ditch, or into hell : yet it is said that the Lord is well 
pleased for his righteousness sake ; yes, the Lord was well pleased 
with him, when he cast off his blindness, and repented of it; God 
his Father then told him, that because he had repented, that he should 
now magnify the law and make it honourable, for, said he, €t thou 
art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased," and Jesus answers, 
as you read in the 12th Chapter of Isaiah, " O Lord, I will praise 
thee, though thou wast angry with me, yet now thy anger is turned 
away, and thou comfortest me." 

Yes, God was angry witli him for his disobedience, which made 
him the devil, for it is said that " God is angry with the wicked 
every day," but now he had learned obedience by the things that he 
had suffered ; for by his obedience he made an at-one-ment. God 
and he are now friends, they are as one, they are no more at variance, 
there is no enmity between them, the enmity being slain. Peace 
therefore is made for all men, as it is written, •' For he is our peace, 
who hath made both One, and hath broken down the middle wall of 
partition between us, having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even 
the law of commandments contained in ordinances, for to make in 
himself, of twain, One new man, so making peace, and that he might 

reconcile both (unto God) in one body by the cross, having slain the 
enmity thereby, and came and preached peace to you which were afar 
off, and to them that were nigh, for through him we both have an 
access by one Spirit unto the Father.*' Now see Gen. 3 chap. 15 
and following verses,— '* I will put enmity betw r een thee and the 
woman, (or between thee and the man-woman,) and between thy seed 
and her seed, it shall braise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." 
The carnal mind, which is enmity against God, this had dominion 
over the Lord's flesh at the first, and bruised his heel, (or in other 
words) destroyed his life ; but he got the dominion at last, and bruised 
the serpent's head, or in other words, destroyed his power. <|L^ 

Now read for yourself the 35th Chap, of Numbers, beginning at 
the 9th v, to the end. — Now remember, we are come into the Land of 
Canaan, we are passed over Jordan, and are come into the Land of 
Promise, that is the kingdom of Christ, and now cities of refuge are 
appointed for the man slayers, that is, he that killeth a man igno- 
rant!}', or unawares, should flee thither. And what are these cities 
of refuge ? The Scriptures inform us, see the following : Ps. 9th, 9 v. 
*' Tha Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in the 
times of trouble/' Again, 46th, 1 verse, — -" God is our refuge 
and strength, a very present help in trouble."— Again, 48th, 2 and 
3 verses, — " Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth is 
Mount Sion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great king. God 
is known in her palaces for a refuge." Then the Lord is the city of 
refuge for the man-slayers that slew a man, "hating him not aforetime, 
that had no enmity against him when he slew him, but slew him as it 
were by accident. 

Now when Zion was visited, and the Lord bought him that he should 
be the Lord's purchased possession, the Lord bought him over to his 
side, or, in other words, allured him by promises until he became 
God's own ; but Zion fell from this state, and denied the Lord, not 
knowing that it was the Lord God of Israel that visited him ; he de- 
nied the Lord, and brought on himself swift destruction : thus he slew 
a man unwittingly, therefore it was not Zion that did it, but sin that 
dwelt in him, for Zion was blinded, and in his blindness he judged 
the Lord to be a devil (an evil spirit) who would lead him astray, and 
therefore he blasphemed the Lord, rejected, and denied him ; but do- 
ing it ignorantly in unbelief, in blindness, he obtained mercy, he was 
allowed to fly to the city of refuge. And what is the city of refuge ? 
Perhaps you cannot conceive what it means, for it hath not entered 
into the heart of man to conceive it : it it this, that the man-slayer 
is become the Lord himself, the Son of God ; in this way the Lord is 
his city of refuge, therefore it is written, (i The name of the Lord is 
a strong tower, the righteous run therein, and are safe;" so Zion is 
clothed upon with his house which is from heaven, even the name of 
the Lord ; and now you may say, " Blessed is he that cometh in the 
name of the Lord." 

So here is the man-slayer, that r:\ew the man unwittingly, for though 
he slew him, or denied the Lord, it was not designedly done, but he 
4ui it in zeal for the Lord, but did hoi know the right hand from the 

left, therefore is he now safe in the city of refuge, for when he found 
it was the Lord whom he denied, sorrow overwhelmed his soul, and 
he said, "' I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to 
my hurt;" or, like the Centurion, when his rocky heart was rent 
asunder, when the dark grave of the mind was open to conviction, 
and the light from Heaven shone in upon it, to light the midnight hour, 
when the vail of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the 
bottom, that means, when the vail that w T as on his heart was taken 
away, and he was suddenly enlightened, with utter astonishment cried 
out, " Surely this was a righteous man." And all the people that 
came together to see that sight, beholding the things that were done, 
smote their breasts, and returned. 

Now the Centurion stands for Zion, for the circumstance recorded 
in the 23rd chap. Luke, is all an invisible work, not clone outwardly, 
but inwardly, really done in the spirit ; the man was slain, and the 
Centurion never imagined that he should # rise again, that is, Zion 
thought that he had slain his eternal life, and that life was now 
fled without the possibility of recovering it any more : what must 
have been his agony when he saw that he had eternal life, but he let 
it slip. A despair deeper than the shades of the midnight gloom 
seized his soul, (for it was now the sixth hour, and it continued 'till 
the ninth, which was the hour of prayer,) and a phrenzy beyond 
madness came upon him, (like as on Esau, when he sold his birthright 
and his blessing,) he roared out unto God, avenge me of my adversary, 
avenge me of the murderer sin, (Satan) Oh ! now let the murderer 
die, for I am the sufferer through him, it was he that made me iday 
my precious life, and now, O God, justice I demand of thee, I de- 
mand of thee, the ruin of Satan and his empire, the total destruction 
of him and his hierarchy. Thus in an agony did Zion demand the 
death of sin, or Satan, with bitter tears, more bitter than wormwood 
and gall, did he make supplication, he came boldly to the throne of 
grace, not thinking for a moment that he should obtain the promised 
grace, but in the twinkling of an eye the Comforter appeared. This 
was the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man ; that is, he 
saw the Scripture fulfilled in himself. Now it was the last trump, 
for the trumpet sounded, and a joyful trumpet it was, for it said ( 
*}. Awake and sing ye that dwell in the dust, i. e. in darkness, for thy 
dew is as the dew of herbs." And now Zion (the earth) thou shalt 
cast out thy dead, — that is, thou shalt cast out sin or Satan; there- 
fore Satan is cast out, and the Lord appeared. 

Here are the' two characters mentioned in the 35th Chap, of Num- 
bers, first the slayer that killeth a man at unawares, or as the Hebrew 
reads it, by error, a city of refuge was appointed for him, that he 
should fly thither from the avenger, (a guilty conscience J 'till he 
should stand before the congregation in judgment, Now the congre- 
gation means the word of God that was scattered abroad without 
judgment, in fragments here and there, and never could be reconciled, 
or gathered up by any man ; but now the Word of God is gathered 
up, and nothing is lost. And the assembling together of the nume- 
rous truths, and fulfilling them all in One Person, is called the conare- 


gation. All the truths of the Bible are congregated together here in 
Zion, fulfilling what is written, " That in the dispensation of the 
fullness of time, he might gather together in one, all things in Christ, 
both which are in heaven and in earth, even in him (Zion) that both 
things that are of God, and things that are of man, that all should 
be fulfilled, even in him. So Zion now stands before the congrega- 
tion in judgment, nothing can hurt him, because he stands in his city 
of refuge, that is the Lord ; he has obeyed that command, " Put ye 
on the Lord Jesus Christ," he puts him on, and stands in him, yea 
is become the Lord, he is the dead with Christ, and no law has power 
over a dead man, for he that is dead is free from sin. 

Now let us look at the other character, namely the Murderer, 
which is Satan or Sin. " The murderer shall surely be put to death." 
See the 18th verse. Now see Romans, 5th chap, and 12th verse. 
ie Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world," and that one 
man is Adam, or Zion, he is that one man, and also the world, whom 
God counts the world, as it is written in John, 1st chap, and 10 ver. 
"He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the 
world knew him not, 5 ' meaning that God was in Zion, and Zion was 
made by him, and Zion knew him not, (God's meaning is different 
from man's ) The world, the flesh, and the devil, are synonimous 
terms, and they agree in one. Zion is called the world, the flesh, and 
the devil, while he stood in disobedience and in darkness. So that 
death entered into the world, (not the death of the body, that is not 
meant, it is the death of the soul, the eternal death,) this is the death 
that by sin entered into the world, so that death passed upon all men, 
for that all have sinned, — i. e. all are guilty of sin, all are serving- 
Satan, but they did not know it ; so deceitful is sin, that they thought 
it was God they were serving; instead of that, it was their own 
wisdom, and that is an abomination before God, because man's wisdom 
is Satan, the adversary, but the wisdom of God is Christ, the Son,, 
that emanates from the Great Eternal. Satan is a spirit, the spirit of 
error, the spirit of corrupt nature, the defilement, the spirit that 
blinds man, the spirit that rules in the children of disobedience. 
While this spirit therefore rules in a man, he walks in darkness, but 
thinks he is in the light, he understands the Scriptures all in the let- 
ter, for he is under the influence of the carnal mind, which is enmity 
against God ; he is not subject to the holy law of God, which is spi- 
ritual. He believes that Christ was crucified literally, he believes 
that Christ, the Eternal Son of God, was a person, because he is made 
mention of in Scripture as Him or He. He believes that he was bu- 
ried really in a grave, as another person, that he lay there three days, 
then rose again, and then ascended up in the sky, that he sits there at 
the right hand of God, &c. &c. 

1 mention this merely as a specimen of the wisdom that emanates 
from corrupt nature. Satan, the carnal mind, that stands opposed to 
God, is enmity against God, for the carnal mind imagines that all the 
Scriptures stand in the same way. Tell him of miracles being per- 
formed, he believes that devils were cast out of men's bodies, and that 
the bodies of men were really healed by miracle, and every pulpit 

rings with this doctrine ; but it is the teaching of corrupt nature, Sa- 
tan* the, adversary. Now Zion was fully under this spirit at the first, 
and while he was under this influence, (he being appointed for this 
purpose, he was called the devil, and was Satan, the adversary of God, 
in reality, for a man bears the name of the spirit that governs him. 
So as Zion was the man appointed to manifest Satan in, (the end of 
the world being now come,) then he is really Satan, and there is no 
other Satan, but the evil spirit now come to its full for manifestation, 
this is the very man of sin, for as there was a time to manifest the 
Lord in human nature, so there must be a time when the Man of Sin 
is revealed ; therefore it is written, Jeremiah, 50 chap. 8 verse, " Re- 
move out of the midst of Babylon, and go forth out of the land of 
the Chaldeans, and be as the he-goat before the flocks. " — See also 
Ezekiel, 39 chap. 17 ver. to the 22nd. inclusive. See here in the 22nd. 
verse of this passage. " From that day and forward (that the goat 
was offered up for a sin offering,) that the Man of Sin was consumed, 
that then the house of Israel was to know that the Lord was their 
God." And what is the house of Israel, but Satan and the Lord in 
one body ! Satan makes a part of Christ, until the dividing of time 
comes. — See Genesis, 1 chap. 4 verse. " God saw the light that it 
was good, and God divided the light from the darkness." — Read part 
of the 5th verse. " God called the light day, and the darkness he 
called night;" that is, God saw that his Son Christ was that good 
that he promised to man in the end, and he saw that Satan was the 
darkness, which he would remove out of the way. But as the even- 
ing was, -and the morning was, the evening going before the morning, 
the darkness going before the light, so Satan goes before the Lord in 
man. And as it is said, God divided the light from the darkness, it 
means that when the end comes, that he separates the evil spirit from 
the soul, and when Satan is cast out, then is the temple of the soul 
made clean, for a dwelling place for the Lord ; then the darkness, or 
evil, takes its proper place, meaning that it goes behind, the evening 
goes no more before the morning, but each take their proper station, 
the confusion is brought into order. First, Christ, the morning, was 
made subject to sin and death, and was behind, for you see that m 
Genesis, that the evening is first, on purpose to shew us that Satan 
must go before ; but now in the redemption, Christ, the morning, has 
the pre-eminence, and the elder is subject to the younger. 

Now some say the Lord was counted a sinner merely, and that there- 
fore he is represented by the goat, but I take the liberty to tell you 
plainly that the Lord was not a sinner by mere imputation, but he was 
in reality the chief sinner, for it is not justice in God to demand a 
debt *o be paid by one that never owed, for nojust man would do this, 
but the Lord had an evil nature, and this evil nature was Satan him- 
self, or Beelzebub, the prince of devils, which often made him cry, 
whilst he sojourned in the wilderness of sin, " O wretched man that 
I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death! for I find a 
law, that when I would do good evil is present with me; and the 
good that 1 would do that I do not, but the evil which I hate that I 
do. Oh ! how much better i$ it with our good people than it was with 


the Lord ; they can do good at any time as they think ! but the Lord 
was compelled to do that which his soul hated ; he had no power to 
do good, when he would, while Satan's power remained in him, for 
he was sold under sin, made subject to vanity. Oh ! but some will 
say, it was Paul who is meant here, that was sold under sin, &c. but 
stop, you are going a little too fast : no, for it is the Lord that is meant, 
and the experience as the experience of the Lord ; but it was put in 
mystery, that none could solve until the end, when Satan is east out 
of his strong hold, as it is written, " Now shall the prince of this 
world be cast out." See also Deut. chap. 32, v. 8, " When the 
Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated 
the sons of Adam, (viz. Christ and Satan, or Cain and Abel, if you 
please, it is just the same.) he set bounds of the people, according to 
the number of the children of Israel, the Lord's portion of his peo- 
ple, &c. 

Now here you are told plainly that the time should be when the 
Sons of Adam should be separated, the two that were at enmity, 
which was Satan and the Lord the Son, that these two spirits should 
struggle one with the other in the same womb, or in the same heart, 
like Esau and Jacob, in the womb of Rebecca, (which was the type 
of this,) 'till one got the victory. First then Satan got the victory 
over Christ, then the cock crowed, and Christ was denied, and death 
ensued. Death reigned sole monarch of the good ; but though a troop 
overcame Gad, (which was Christ,) yet he overcame at the last, to 
fulfil what is written, " He that overcometh shall inherit all things, 
and I will be his God, and he shall be my Son/' — See Revelations, 
21 chap. 7 verse. So now pay particular attention to this, that now, 
as Christ the Light is exalted in the mind, the person that bears the 
light is the Son of God, because he has overcome himself, therefore 
it is said plainly, he shall be my Son. A man is reckoned accord 
ing to that spirit which governs him. If that which rules him is 
Satan, Satan is then made manifest in human flesh, for if Satan is 
divided against himself, and if he overcomes himself, then his king- 
dom cannot stand ; he puts off his Satanic nature, and puts on ano- 
ther, even the Lord Jesus Christ, so now Satan being under, and the 
Lord being exalted, the Lord is then made manifest in human flesh, 
reigning sole Lord and King of the human mind ; the man's name is 
Christ, because Christ is in him, whereas before he was named Satan, 
because he was led by the spirit, Satan. Now read the following- 
text, it will confirm you in the truth of this subject. — See 1 Ephe- 
sians. — John, 5 chap. 4 verse, " Whosoever is born of God over- 
cometh the world.'' Now by the world the Devil is meant ; he that 
overcomes is born of God, overcomes the Devil in himself, and is be- 
come Christ Jesus, for surely it is Christ alone is the Devil's master,, 
Again, the 5th verse. " Who is he that overcometh the world, but 
he that believeth that Jesus is the Christ ?" And to believe nothing 
less is meant by believing, than putting on, or becoming Christ, for 
by a true faith I stand in him, as in my city of refuge. Whatever 
the Lord is, that I am ; there is no difference between the Lord and 
me, for it is written, " The disciple shall be as his Lord, and where 


I am there shall my servant be also." — See Rev. chap. 2, verse % 
tf To him that overcometh, will I give of the tree of life." 11 ver* 
u He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death." 17 ver* 
<( To him that overcometh will I give to eat hidden manna." 26 ver. 
" To him that overcometh will I give power over nations." 3 Chap. 
5 ver. " He that overcometh shall be clothed in white raiment." 
12 ver. " Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple 
of God." 21 ver. " To him that overcometh will 1 grant to sit with 
me in my throne." 21 Chap. 7 verse, " He that overcometh shall 
inherit all things. 1 will be his God." 

I think you must now see how error must take the lead of truth in 
the Revelation of Jesus Christ. How could he be revealed if he had 
not been concealed, and where was he concealed, but under Satan's 
garment ? Remove the veil then, and Christ appears, and the ene- 
mies we saw yesterday we see no more for ever. 

We have now taken away the vail, the garment that covered the 
Lord, by which was concealed the way of the Lord's appearing ; we 
now see the filthy garments taken from him, and a change of raiment 
given him, according to Zech. 3rd chap. " And he shewed me Joshua 
the High Priest, standing before the Angel of the Lord, (i. e. before 
the power of the Lord,) and Satan standing at his right hand to resist 
him, and the Lord said unto Satan, the Lord rebuke thee, O Satan, 
even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem, rebuke thee." Verse 3. 
" Now Joshua (or Jesus) was clothed with filthy garments, (i. e. the 
Satanic image,) and stood before the Angel, and he answered and 
spake unto those that stood before him, saying, take away the filthy 
garments from him, and unto him he said behold I have caused thine 
iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of rai- 
ment." — Read on to the end of the Chapter. — Now the professing 
world imagine that Jesus was to be some strange person ; but no, he 
is one taken from among men, one that was covered with iniquity, a 
sinful person like all other men, but is the first taught the evil of sin, 
is the first that have seen sin to be exceeding sinful. All the world 
have seen sin to be exceeding good, fop it is sin to conjecture upon 
the word of God, because it is written, " Judge nothing before the 
time," but men will judge in opposition to what God has commanded, 
in this they have done wrong ; they have sinned against the Lord, 
and by the explanation that is here given, which is the truth of God, 
it does appear that all their judgment is wrong, and they would have 
well done had they waited until the Lord's appearing, for now they 
see that the Lord is come, he explains the Bible very different from 
the whole of them, for he gives it a meaning that never entered into 
the heart of man to conceive, for who could conceive that Jesus 
should be the Devil at first, and that he should have to learn obedi- 
ence by the things which he suffered, — that it was suffering that was 
to make him obedient ! — for take notice, he was disobedient before, 
as it is written, " Before I was afflicted 1 went astray/' I was a 
disobedient Son, but now, through the affliction, through the suffering, 
I haye learned thy statutes. 


iScvv all tilings were good at the first, there was no evil at the be- 
ginning of the Creation, but Adam (or Zion) was in perfect innocence j 
he stood in the presence of God, like Joshua the High Priest stood 
before the Angel of the Lord : no sin, no sorrow troubled his mind, 
but as a beloved child would live with a tender father, so did Adam 
live with God in a state of innocence : his soul was the Garden of 
Eden, Paradise, as we call it, or a s*ate of happy llr^venly Idiotistn ; 
whether he was in the hjdy or out of the body he did wot knew ; he 
he was wrapped up in the Spirit, his own senses were suspended for 
a while, whilst heavenly joy and felicity reigned ; he knew God was 
his father from all eternity, and that from all eternity he was with 
him ; God and his angels were his immediate companions with whom 
he freely conversed, but from this happy state he fell by eating the 
forbidden fruit, which is man's wisdom upon the Scriptures. Seeist 
thou a man giving his opinion upon the Scriptures, without the mean- 
ing is revealed to him by God, that is the forbidden fruit, and that 
which men think so lightly of is an abomination with God, in this 
they sin, because they know not the Scriptures, nor the power of 
God, and yet will judge ; but by this Adam disobeyed, was thrust 
down to Hell, and became a devil ; but as all things were good at 
the first, so all things must become good at last, all things must return 
to the source from whence they were created, and must be clothed 
again with innocence and peace : judgment shall return unto victory, 
and by the way that death came into the world, by the same w T ay he 
is gone out of it, as it is written, " I will put my hook in his nose, 
and my bridle in hh jaws, and will t tin him back by the '< ih ' ' 
]*4 iykn .'uelujab; Amen * 

I jomain, dear Fntnd, 

Tour Servant in the truth. 


Sherringj. Printer, Bristol.